ArcGIS Pro: Multi content window, multi content pane

02-14-2018 03:05 AM
Status: Open
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by Anonymous User
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I recently acquired a "larger than life" high-res monitor from my employer, which is absolutely great. I can now have multiple maps, multiple catalog views, and tables open whatsoever.

I kind of would love to have the "content" pane open on/in one view, whilst also having one open for the other view... now the content view is uniform, and changes depending on the active content-window... This is especially hard when you have multiple maps open, and want to see the connections/legend/etc. on both maps at the same time.


I believe that this idea is related to‌ point number 3?  

by Anonymous User

Hello Kory -- Although I disagree with his first two points (loving the ribbon and while the 'right click' workflow was definately a change that took some getting used to, using the new tool panels is actually quicker for me now), his third is exactly what I mean. I'd love to dock multiple content panes to content windows... so that I, for example, could have multiple maps/scenes open while retaining their various source-list, and still keep the legends/databases visible. I find myself grabbing the snipping tool quite a lot lately! (which is horrible considering both my displays have a different DPI setting as well...)


Thank you.  I think we'll keep this idea open (not mark as Duplicate of the other) because the other overall focuses more on toolbars - i.e. making Pro's ribbon function more like ArcMap's toolbars.  This current idea focuses more on having a Contents pane for each map view...