ArcGIS Pro Map Series: Pages only for selected elements

05-08-2018 02:40 AM
Status: Closed
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Would be a nice feature if Map Series function just produces pages for selected elements (--> page-extension) of the index-layer.


You could Make Layer From Selected Features and drive the map series from that layer.


Thank you - would be a decent option. Problem in our enterprise environment is: AG Pro crashes(freezes without an error) using "Make layer from selected" using SDE(Oracle) Layers in our environment. ESRI Austria is informed and are working on it.


I'm sorry to hear that, Flo.  Let us know what the outcome is with the Esri Austria case.  We'll take a look at that behavior on our side as well.  Cheers


The problem with "Make layer from selected" using SDE(Oracle) Layers  is now solved by ESRI Austri 🙂 

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I'm not sure what exactly you are looking for here. Can you tell me a little bit more about what you'd like to see? 

Status changed to: Closed

Closing this issue as it seems to be resolve using the Make Layer from Selected Features tool. Spatial map series maintain a live connection to the data. If the selection were to be cleared, a map series based on the selected layers wouldn't have any features in it. Creating a layer is the best way to go so all the spatial map series options and connections can be maintained.