ArcGIS Pro Layouts - Activating/Deactivating Map Frame

03-13-2017 09:19 AM
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** This idea is being submitted on behalf of an Esri Ireland customer **

When you have a map in a layout, you can right-click on it and select Activate to alter the map itself. However, it is not intuitive to get the layout back into context. You have to click on the context sensitive LAYOUT tab, and then click Close Activation.

If you could right-click on the map and select Deactivate or press the Esc/Enter key this would be more user-friendly.


I've had this same issue. I've taught people to use Pro and this always comes up a something very non-intuitive. I personally have added the "Close Map Frame Activation" tool to my Quick Access toolbar just to make it quicker to access. 

Adding a few tags for visibility: #arc pro#arcgispro#mapframe#activation


This was the first non-intuitive thing I recognized while getting started with ArcGis Pro. It would be way more comfortable, if closing the activation is in the right-click box, not in the upper "layout" tab.

Even after patch 2.4.2 it is not implemented. 


I'd like to see the "double click map frame to activate" return as well.  That was highly intuitive in ArcMap.


as of June 2023 this is still a headache. i guess it does not have more kudos to support it because most people dont realize the Right click option (of worlds and soft-wares past) . new users are just trained to use the ribbon 😞