ArcGIS Pro indexing Enterprise SDE content to improve project speed

07-29-2019 07:00 PM
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Are you experiencing slowness initially opening a project in ArcGIS Pro?

Do you have a large amount of Enterprise SDE content in your map views / layouts?


Then consider unticking the "Skip enterprise database connections" under ArcGIS Pro > Options



My suggestion to ESRI is:

Change: update the hover text or add a popup when users add a SDE databases connection to consider indexing options

Why: as above, the "skip" enterprise connections is ticked on by default, so the user needs a reminder to consider indexing SDE content should they have more of it say compared to just file geodatabase




Interesting...  Does this really speed things up? @KoryKramer 


Indexing is a consideration when troubleshooting performance issues as described in Troubleshooting Performance Issues in ArcGIS Pro 

Switch to the Indexing tab (learn more about indexing options).

  • If you know where your data is, or you rarely have reason to search projects, you can turn indexing off.  Try turning off indexing, or otherwise reschedule it to occur during times when you’re not using your machine.

To add to the response above indicates that by default the contents of enterprise geodatabases are not indexed.