ArcGIS Pro functions for map services

04-22-2020 01:30 AM
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I believe that ArcGIS Pro should also include features for managing map services such as:

  • stopping map service
  • starting map service
  • restart map service
  • delete map service

I built a python toolbox for ArcGIS Pro that will start or stop all services in a folder on the GIS Server. Requires a federated ArcGIS Enterprise deployment.


The GIS Server and GIS Server Folder parameters dynamically provide dropdowns based on the active Portal you are signed into, in ArcGIS Pro. DM if you're interested, I can pass it along.

FYI - working on an update for this that will allow you to select individual services in a Folder, rather than running the whole operation on every service in a selected folder. It will look something like this:


I also have similar tools in the works that will handle deletion and restarting services as well. Cheers.


@TigerWoulds  That is awesome thank you for sharing.... In my opinion, the point is we should not have to create python scripts or do anything customizing in order to perform basic administrative task we have been able to do for years using ArcMap... 


@JoeGuzi Agreed.  This is a huge item for administrative tasks.


@TigerWoulds That would be awesome for you to share.  Looking forward to the update.


I agree with this 100%. Server Manager is no way equivalent to using ArcCatalog for stopping/starting/deleting services. Especially when you're working with a dozen or more servers with services in multiple folders. In Catalog I can open all my server connections and see all my service folders in one spot. It takes a very long time to perform the same tasks in Manager, especially when you have to login to each one, and then cycle through pages and pages of services. As a web administrator I spend a lot of time in ArcCatalog, and now that I'm migrating our 200+ services to Pro it's very disheartening to see the decline in functionality.


@TigerWoulds This looks like a great tool.  I would love to share your script with folks at my organization.  We are often starting and stopping services, and have hundreds of them. This would be great to use in lieu of Server Manger.


I'll also chime in that not having this capability in Pro is BAD!  Please reconsider.  


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Our organization is still in the transition phase towards full adoption of ArcGIS Pro as a replacement of ArcMap/ArcCatalog. Part of that transition mean we must update our procedure docs for administration tasks using ArcGIS Pro, but I just realized the functionality to manage map services is completely missing.  At first I thought maybe I needed to find what I needed in a contextual tab as opposed to a right click context menu, but when I couldn't find it an internet search led me here, to my dismay and disappointment. 

In my opinion this is ABSOLUTELY a necessary improvement needed for ArcGIS Pro. This is one of those major road blocks that will force people back to using ArcGIS Catalog. If Esri really wants people to transition to ArcGIS Pro they ABSOLUTELY NEED to make sure the software does what ArcCatalog can already do, not just add new bells and whistles that only 1% of user will ever touch. 

I am tasked with leading the transition to ArcGIS Pro at my organization and shortcomings in the software like this only make my job more difficult and the full adoption slower. I don't think that using ArcGIS Server Manager is a viable work around as this would take addition time as others have noted and we don't want everyone who might need to restart or stop/stop a map service using this management tool. 

Voting up all three of these ideas and inviting my coworkers/collogues  to do the same. 


Just want to add my voice to the chorus that not being able to start/stop services in Pro is highly desirable. My latest workflow where that would be handy: I need to make a minor modification to a feature class that is in a dataset with several other feature classes. I have 6 services that I need to stop so that the dataset is unlocked. They are in different folders and on different pages in Server Manager. Instead of just selecting them all and stopping them, I have to find and stop them one at a time in Server Manager. Then, once the change is made, I have to hunt them down and restart them. The downtime for my web services is longer with Server Manager than it would be in Pro.

I get the sense that Esri has a philosophical difference of opinion on this and really wants everyone to go through Server Manager. If that's the case, then they need to enhance Server Manager so that you can find, stop, and start multiple services at the same time. Maybe even build in a Server Manager pane that you can open in Pro? It would be better to have it all in one place than to have to go to two different applications to accomplish a simple task.