ArcGIS Pro Exploratory Viewshed Improvements

05-16-2020 07:50 AM
Status: Open
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We have found this tool to be interesting except for 2 limitations:

  1. You cannot export the VS to a Raster or Vector Feature; Only to a point FC which is not useful
  2. When placing an interactive point and then moving it, the tool does not honor the offset altitude for the viewpoint. For example if I place a VS on a hill and give it a 100 Foot offset and then move the point down off the hill, it remains at the same elevation which results in unrealistic results. Can there be an option to dynamically update the VS offset when the original point is moved? This is crucial in judging the best locations for viewsheds. 

Original Location with 100 Foot Offset on Hill

Original Location

Second location with VS moved down hill. Notice the offset is significantly more than 100 Feet now.

2nd Location


I would ask the same for the LOS tool as the same behavior is exhibited when moving the Target site around. It ends up in the air or under a hill/mountain if moved around areas of varying topography. TKS


@KoryKramer not sure if you are involved with this one, but would love for the above to be implemented. 


Hi Jeff,

Thanks for your feedback.

1) A raster output sounds good. We're also considering something like a TIN or multipatch since a raster wouldn't represent all visibility. (e.g. surface area visibility of the side of a building) Is this example a concern for your type of work? Would a TIN or multipatch be as useable as a raster for you?

2) This is a good improvement too. Also noted for LOS observers and targets.