ArcGIS Pro Create Locator Options need to be as capable as the "Legacy" Address Geocoders

09-10-2020 10:47 AM
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In ArcGIS Pro


  • Spelling Sensitivity
  • Side Offset
  • Side Offset Units
  • End Offset
  • End Offset Units

Into the Geocoding options for the New Create Locator Tool in Pro 2.6.


These options have been with the Geocoding tools in both ArcMap 10.x and ArcGIS Pro almost forever.

Our company uses these options for custom geocoding and its elimination has huge consequences for our future use of this product.


The current Create Locator Tool in Pro 2.6

"New" Create Locator tool

The Legacy Address Locator Tool:

Legacy Address Tool

Please Vote this Up!!!!



At Pro 2.7 you now have the ability to adjust the side offset and end offset.


I would like to know more about the challenges that you have with spelling sensitivity with the new locators.  There isn't a need anymore to adjust the spelling sensitivity because we use a newer algorithm to do this which we have found produces very good results.  If there are cases where you are having challenges with this still, we would like to know about them so we can look at them but we don't have plans at this time to expose a property to adjust spelling sensitivity.





Hi and yes, I'm now using Pro 2.8, and while its better than before, one still doesn't have the option to adjust the offset distance units like in the old ArcMap address locators. it only uses meters, using which ever coordinate system your geocoding reference road base is.

I haven't explored every coordinate system but I haven't found one with feet that allows for the making of address locators for Maine to Washington State without changing the coordinate sys for each state.

my quick work around is 20ft offset = 6.096 meters, so we use the conversion.

a pulldown option would be great.



Also, offset units used to include percent as well. We would do 30 feet side offset and 10% end offset in ArcMap. This is no longer possible in Pro. 

It is also unclear what units are being used for side and end offsets. I assume it is pulling the default units from the spatial reference but that is not made clear in the Geocoding options section of the Locator Properties. It just displays numbers with no context.  


@DavidButz The offset units use meters, you would need to convert the current units to meters and use the converted value in the settings.