ArcGIS Pro could optionally display point symbols at the ends of line features

03-25-2021 10:26 AM
Status: Already Offered
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ArcGIS Pro might already do this, but I can't find it in the software documentation, symbology control, in other controls, in "Esri Community", or via Google.

I can discover that there is a discrete line feature here by interacting with a single record in the data. 


I need to glance at that image and quickly determine in my head how many line features are there and where they begin and end.

I need to be able to configure the layer properties so that all line endpoints draw as dot-like symbols at the end of each line feature.  I need control over the scale dependency range within which the dots at the ends of the line features will render.  I need to do the same as a separate set of controls for all vertices in all line features. 

End result would be that I would have these options readily available:

  • display only the line features
  • display line features with point symbols on their ends
  • display line features with point symbols on their ends and with vertices
  • separate scale dependencies would apply to each option

Directional arrows would be nice, too.


It does already do this. In the symbology panel, you have to add a symbol layer. If the added layer is a "marker symbol layer", you can set the symbol placement properties in all the ways you describe above.

Status changed to: Already Offered

I agree with @jcarlson that what you're requesting can currently be accomplished.

Line with markers showing just the extremities:


And when I turn on the other marker symbol layer, I now see all vertices, with direction arrows:


The one thing that you mention that isn't (I don't believe) possible with marker layers is to give them a different scale dependency.  For that, you could just duplicate the layer (ctrl +drag/drop the layer in the Contents pane) and turn off the symbol layers that you don't want to show.  Then set scale dependency on the layers as needed.

Quick mock up video here: 

(sorry for the buzzy audio)



@jcarlson@KoryKramer  - thanks!  I was hoping for immediate gratification over extended longing, and you two delivered!  Apparently, I need to learn some new terminology in order to find this stuff.

back to work,



Unfortunately using Marker symbols does not work for polygon lines, so a "show vertices" feature is still desirable in my opinion.


@MattWilkie1 I just added a marker layer to this polygon symbol and set the marker placement to On vertices. Do you not see the same thing?




Oh. my mistake Kory! The "marker placement" control was lower down and collapsed; I didn't see it. Thank you for the correction and screenshot.


👍Glad that works for you!