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11-14-2019 08:24 AM
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It took me a long time to figure out how to add a catalog to an existing project.  When we have a map open we can add a new map by using Insert --> New Map.  However, to access the catalog we need to go to View--> Catalog view.  Should this tool instead be located under Insert-->Catalog instead?


Hello Mark,

We appreciate your concern about the findability of the command for opening a Catalog view, and thank you for your suggestion. However the Insert tab of the ribbon would not be a suitable place for this command.  The commands on the Insert tab on the ribbon are for adding new or existing items to the project (maps, folder connections, etc.). For some of the items that you add or create in the project (such as a map), a view would also automatically open for visualizing them. The act of opening a Catalog view is not adding any items to the project, therefore the command for opening a Catalog view does not belong in the Insert tab.  The View tab on the ribbon, on the other hand, is where you go for opening or closing various panes and views in Pro, similar to the View tab on the ribbon in the Microsoft Outlook application.  Also, if you want a Catalog view open automatically for a project that you create, you could always use the Catalog template when you create a new project, and you can insert new maps into the project afterwards easily.

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Hi @MarkVolz Based on the explanation that Naicong provided, there is no plan to consider the idea to be implemented.

I do want to share, however, that discoverability of commands, tools, views, etc. is very important for us and in ArcGIS Pro 2.8 there will be functionality added called 'command search.'  Use Alt+Q to access it, type Catalog, and you'll easily find Catalog View (and probably more quickly than searching through different tabs.)

Here is a preview from 2.8 beta - the UI may change in the released software...



As always, thank you for all of your participation in ArcGIS Ideas.  While this specific idea won't be implemented, I hope that sharing this information about the upcoming functionality (as well as the functionality itself) will help you be more productive in ArcGIS Pro.