ArcGIS Pro/ArcMap Ortho Mapping needs to allow block adjustment for imagery that has already been geo-located.

06-13-2019 07:45 AM
Status: Open
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The workflow for Ortho Mapping is very rigid and restrictive following traditional photogrammetric workflows.  This is a good workflow for doing traditional ortho photo production … but makes it very difficult to accommodate new/different sensors.  Case in point, push broom sensors or sensor that do not have fiducial marks such as aerial thermal sensors. 



  • Push-broom sensor support (i.e. a long strips of imagery)
  • Support of sensors without fiducials (i.e. non-frame cameras)
  • Creation and support of image blocks of imagery that has already been geo-located … i.e. do not need interior orientation … just need to add additional GCPs and tie points to improve the geo-location
  • Use imagery where it is without making copies before any processing has been done
  • When errors are encountered allow the user to simply "back up" one or more steps in the workflow rather than requiring a new project be created.
  • Improve documentation to have complete definitions of error codes … and how to correct the error … even take the user to the point in the workflow that needs correction