ArcGIS Pro- Allow Arrow Keys to Move/Nudge Layout Element

11-17-2021 10:54 AM
Status: Already Offered
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Please allow keyboard arrow keys to control the movement of layout elements when a layout element is selected (similar to other graphic software products). Currently arrow keys only move the entire layout scrollbar (regardless of selection).

Status changed to: Already Offered

@Amanda__Huber Nudging layout elements is done with Shift or Control + the arrow keys.




@KoryKramer  Amazing! Thank you for pointing me in the right direction.


No worries @Amanda__Huber Glad to keep you moving!


I hope this work but...everytime I attempt to use Ctrl+Up or Ctrl+down arrow, it does NOT nudge up or down the legend (since it's much user friendly to covert legend into graphics), but instead keeps making multi selection on the table of contents. This is super annoying and waste me hours without success. Any fixes? 

This is one of the MAJOR reason I want to avoid ArcGIS Pro and pledge my loyalty to ArcMap even it make me appears fighting for a lost course.....


You have to click back onto the Layout if you've been working in the table of contents.


Thanks, but I don't know if that make a difference. 

Usually after I create the legend, I would convert them into graphics, and "ungroup" them in to patch & label in case I need to edit them, and regroup them when done.

Now in ArcPro environment, clicking on the legend (on the map layout) always keep clicking on either the "patch" or "label" but not the "group element" (i.e. the whole legend, which work smoothly on ArcMap). So the only change I can select legend with ease is to click the group element on the table of contents.

Once doing so when I click Ctrl+Up or down have become mutli selecting group elements on the table of contents instead of "Nudging up" of down.  I need a lot trial & error to make it right.

Hope I explain that clearly, but that's so frustrating.... Any other way out of that loop? Is that something to do with my computer setting (hopefully not but I afraid) Thanks in advance for any suggestions.


That happens to me all the time. 

I didn't precisely explain it earlier.

Specifically, make whatever selection you want in the table of contents, then click on the layout tab  to preserve the selection on the layout. Clicking directly on an item in the group on the layout will change the selection to be just that item, but clicking on the tab will maintain what you actually want, and you should be able to adjust with arrow keys after.

It is annoying, and I wish there were a key stroke to change back to layout or something, because clicking on the tab is not intuitive.





Thanks Alfred for your illustration--I get what you mean and "solve" that particular issue (sort of).

Actually I need to do one more step: after selecting the item on the table of contents AND clicking the layout tab to preserve the selection on the layout, I still need to click on the graphic legend, MOVE THE LEGEND WITH MOUSE UP AND DOWN, THEN it would activate the "CTRL+up/down" function. It's crazy and I couldn't explain the rationale, but at least it make my work easier.

Hope ESRI developers and also take a look on that and make ArcPro works better. PDF map are not going away anytime soon so they still need to fix those annoying glitches. 


Agree with latest comments - the whole focused frame thing in Pro drives me batty. Would definitely prefer to move things without shift/control as it is in virtually every other application, and to not have to constantly click between frames.


When any object is selected inside the layout, and you press any arrow key from the keyboard, the entire layout moves. In ArcMap, you are able to move the specific selected object in the layout using the arrow keys from the keyboard. Please enable this option. Thanks