ArcGIS Pro - Add support for geometric overrides

06-05-2019 10:45 PM
Status: Open
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Esri Inc.: Unfortunately, ArcGIS Pro does not support Geometric Overrides, so that tool ("Remove Override"), along with the other tools for managing overrides are not available in ArcGIS Pro.
This essentially means that they are not in the current product plan and there are no other workflow that we can try in ArcGIS Pro. The best way to approach this is by doing it in ArcMap.


As ArcGIS Pro is not able to handle geometric overrides, it is not possible to migrate workflows from ArcMap that include tools like Remove Override. I propose to add support for geometric overrides and their corresponding ArcMap tools in ArcGIS Pro.


Not supporting this critical Arc Map functionality makes no sense. Hoping it's included in 2.5!


Geometric override functionality in cartographic representations supports multi-scaled mapping from the same dataset, eliminating the need to maintain two datasets representing the same objects for two mapping scales.  Maintaining a single dataset in this manner increases efficiency and reduces the likelihood of a mapping error between the two products created at different scales.  Data can then be created at larger scales and cartographic representations used for map products created at smaller scales.  Not all mapping generalizations and adjustments can be made with the effects/offset tools - some require geometry/shape overrides on line and polygon features. 


Not supporting the geometry over ride and not being able to export to ai makes it difficult when creating complex maps for print such as a road map. Especially when the tools available to staff is Pro 2.0 and ArcMap 10.3.1.