ArcGIS Pro - Add Startup Option: With the Last Project

09-28-2021 03:52 PM
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Add a new startup option:

Options/Application/General/Start ArcGIS Pro/With the last project

This would save the user having to keep changing the default project path or choosing the project to open on every startup.


Have you tried using the jump list?

You can get to the last closed project that way, and/or pin projects...




When developing add-ins for example, projects are repeatedly opened. Setting the default project helps, but is still inefficient when switching between projects. The point is to have ArcGIS Pro open without any need to specify the project each time, either in the program, via a jump list, or any other option. What I'm suggesting is exactly the same as opening a browser with the last tabs visible.


Thanks, David for the additional context.

These other ideas of yours sound similar, but coming from different angles...

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Each one is different and very specific, but each relates to the Startup option.


I got around the lack of an "open last project" option by creating an add-in. Now, whenever I open ArcGIS Pro, it automatically opens the last project, unless I specifically choose another one.

All I did was update the add-in module as follows:

protected override bool Initialize()

    return base.Initialize();

private void OnAppStartupReady(EventArgs eventArgs)
    IReadOnlyList<string> recentProjects = Project.GetRecentProjects();

    if (recentProjects.Count > 0)
        string lastProjectPath = recentProjects[0];

It's a huge improvement and should be standard functionality.