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ArcGIS Pro - Add Load Objects Command

06-21-2017 05:38 AM
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In ArcMap there is the Load Objects Command, it's found under customize mode. See link on how to add it in ArcMap. I use this all the time, and would like to see it in Pro or an equivalent tool. I've done a little bit of searching and it doesn't seem to exist for Pro. Can it please be added?


Adding the Load Objects command to ArcMap—ArcGIS Help | ArcGIS Desktop 

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I've spoken with Esri and the equivalent tool in Pro is the Append tool. I've tested this tool with my workflows and it works great.


But this tool can't be added to the, say, Edit Toolbar as the Simple Data Loader can in ArcMap. Second, the Simple Data Loader would automatically pick up matching schema, and use pick-lists where it didn't match, or give me the choice to default to null. This is far more cumbersome and time-consuming with the append tool. 


To me, it might take a little bit longer to pick your fields, but that could also be the user. I'm not use to the interface of the append tool yet, so maybe it was me. My main concern was being able to match up the fields between the datasets with the pick lists, which the append tool has. I wanted the Load Objects or an equivalent tool. The append tool is equivalent in my opinion as of now.

Everything in Pro you have to run a tool to do something. So I don't see them changing that. You'll have to run the append tool.

Not sure if it is possible, but you can try going to Options > Customize the Ribbon. Maybe you can add the append tool to your edit tab? Might be worth trying?


The append tool may accomplish what the Load Objects command did, but it is much more cumbersome.  It takes four clicks to change the source for one field, whereas in Load Objects it took only one!  When you have many fields to map, time really adds up.  I would be happy if the append tool were modified so field mapping is done like in the Load Objects command.