ArcGIS License Manager should serve licenses with the LATEST expiration date, by default, not the earliest.

01-07-2016 02:38 PM
Status: Open
Occasional Contributor III
When I deauthorize the currnet year licenses in order to update, the borrowed ones will remain outstanding.

If I have users that need borrowed licenses return the old license before they expire, the LM will just give them back the same stale license until after the expiration date, instead of the shiny new ones, because LM distributes the older licenses first.

The LM should default to providing the license with the latest expiration date available on the server, leaving the stale ones once they are returned.

This is absolutely a bug, that impacts my work. In order to borrow a new license, I need to be physically on campus (which is bad enough), which I usually am not, and I'm often traveling out of the country. So I might be away running a GIS software training, unable to borrow a *new* license before leaving (because of this bug), and have my license expire in the middle of conducting a traning! So what do I do then? Train using QGIS instead.



Thanks for bringing this issue to our attention.  I have included this issue to our internal system to be addressed.  Hopefully we can have a fix for this in the next license manager version.  If not, I will push to have it in the following version.