ArcGIS Help is missing Index tab

10-21-2010 12:51 PM
Status: Open
Occasional Contributor III

ArcGIS Desktop Help used to have an "Index" tab very useful for quickly finding topics and information.  Can we get the Index tab added back to Help???  Search tab seems kinda weak in finding what I need!

The lack of an index in the Help is driving me nuts, I cannot understand their reasoning behind removing it. Their logic assumes that you have exisiting knowledge of what ESRI names a topic/tool/processing step so you just type it in. It also assumes that we are all cuturally the same and use the same combinations of words to mean the same thing. I rarely use free text search I almost always do my searching throught the index as once I know a location I can drill down to that part of the Help I need.
I concur. Index was very helpful for finding what I was looking for. It has been much more useful to me than the Contents tab.