ArcGIS for Desktop documentation to help check installation and setup parameters prior to installation

02-17-2017 02:11 AM
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Does anyone else feel the need for pre-installation guidance? While the install docs are great, I missed the general guidance on, say, the following questions when installing Desktop for Personal Use (aka. Advanced for install purposes) 10.5:


  • need I uninstall previous version, and if so, do it before or after new install
  • do I need to reinstall License Manager (is it different from previous?)
  • do I need Coordinate system pack (doesn’t ArcMap come with it already?)
  • I use file geodatabase and shape files, so I don’t need data base support?


I searched Geonet, and perhaps others have similar queries, say, server-side or portal. Oracle and Microsoft for example provide pre-install guides, as their web and server configurations have been quite varied and complex forever it seems.


Hi Andrew,

What documentation have you looked at, and where were you getting hung up?

Here is the Introduction to installing and configuring ArcGIS Desktop—Help | ArcGIS Desktop 

Since you have a question about the need to uninstall, you could see Existing ArcGIS Desktop users—Help | ArcGIS Desktop 

You also had a question about License Manager, but you said you had desktop for Personal Use.  Does this mean you have a Single Use license (ESU)?  In that case, there is no need for License Manager as that is only to serve out Concurrent Use licenses: "For concurrent-use, ensure the license manager you are connecting to is a 10.5 license manager."~from the previous link.

"Concurrent use license

For concurrent-use versions, a license allows ArcGIS Desktop products to be used on any machine. Each installation must access a license manager that contains the appropriate license for the software seat type of (Desktop Advanced, Desktop Standard, or Desktop Basic). The license manager, installed on the network, dictates the number of copies of Desktop Basic, Desktop Standard, or Desktop Advanced that can be run simultaneously. A 10.5 license manager is required to run ArcGIS Desktop." ~from the first link above.

Introduction to installing and configuring ArcGIS Desktop—Help | ArcGIS Desktop indicates that Database Server is (optional) as is the ArcGIS Cooridinate Data (optional).

Does this help to address your questions?  If not, and you still feel that there would be a better, easier, more streamlined or intuitive way of guiding users through installation and authorization of the software, please do share specific ideas, screenshots of buttons, what you see vs. what you'd like to see, etc. as that is very valuable information to help make the setup process better.



Thx for the answer on Lic. Mgr. Re: install docs thx 4 the link. I perused the docs avaialble from installation page, which are very complete, but as mentioned in my initial query (did you gt my full text?) nothing seemed to be preinstall docs. Many other vendors offer that, and as I recall you do that for Server, but it might be useful to have same for desktop including the question(s) I asked origanlly as a for example. Thanks, Andrew


Hi Andrew,

Thanks for the additional explanation.  I've changed this back to Reviewed as the existing documentation doesn't address what you're looking for in terms of pre-installation instructions or a guide.  Could you provide a more descriptive title for the Idea which will help other users find and vote on this?



ArcGIS for Desktop documentation to help check installation and setup parameters prior to installation 

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