ArcGIS Desktop Extensions Tutorial Data Available Online

11-03-2011 08:18 AM
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I am trying to track down the tutorial data for Network Analyst and seem to have a bit of a help document run-around.  In some instances, it says that the data should be on with the install.  In other instances, it seems to say that it is a separate disc.  I just suppose that it would be easier if there were just a location that it could be downloaded at.  You can download other data for free courses on the website.
At ArcGIS 10, the tutorial data is an optional part of the ArcGIS Desktop installation. If selected, the tutorial data installs to C:\ArcGIS\ArcTutor (default location).
Some of the help documents say that it is a part of an install option.  Other help documents reference it being on a separate Tutorial Data disc.  Either way, I just believe it would be useful to have the data available online.  The PDFs can be found for the Tutorial Data easily.  I suppose I don't know why it wouldn't be available for download.  If the user can only really use the data when they have access to the extensions, it would make sense that the data should be open and available while the key to unlock the extension to using it is what gets regulated.
I am currently using ArcGIS v. 10 education edition. After installation of the tutorial data from a disc using 'window installer' - the 'setup.msi' file, I have tried to locate the tutorial datasets for the extension 'Geostatistical Analyst' in the default path. However, there are no such datasets. I have asked my local ArcGIS distributor and been told that besides installing the standard tutorial data, I should have also install the data for the extensions. Now, I am confused. Shouldn't the window installer include all tutorial data already? If not, how could I have the tutorial data for the extension 'Geostatistical Analyst'?


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Closing this as tutorial data is now provided directly through downloads.

Example for Network Analyst tutorials: