ArcGIS Add Scroll Bar and Rearrange Capability to Map and Layout Tabs.

06-28-2021 09:46 AM
Status: Open
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Please add a scroll bar to the map tabs to move through multiple tabs. Also, add the capability to drag tabs in the tabs list to rearrange them.



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Status changed to: Needs Clarification

Hi @mmartinezyordan 

Can you show us what you mean by "map tabs" and "tabs list"?  

I have to assume that you are not referring to the view tabs since those can already be dragged to rearrange.


Please show us where you are referring to (screenshots are very helpful) when you talk about map tabs and tabs list.  

Once we understand the request, we can set the status back to Open if needed.

Thank you!


Hi @mmartinezyordan After some discussion with a colleague here, our guess is that you're asking for a scrollbar here:


Can you please confirm?

Also, I wanted to point out the following idea to you as it sounds like it is what you're asking for in the second part of the idea you submitted this morning:



Hi @mmartinezyordan Can you confirm my comment from 6-28 so that we can move your idea out of the Needs Clarification status?  

I'd also recommend voting on  Pro Enhancement: Rearrange Maps and Layouts in the... - Esri Community



Yes, a scroll bar there will be perfect. And yes, the post named Pro Enhancement: Rearrange Maps and Layouts in the... - Esri Community has what is needed to rearrange maps and layouts easier and faster.

Status changed to: Open

I keep wanting to scroll to the left or right among the tabs of the different map/layout views in order to look at open maps or layouts further to the end or beginning:


I don't find the current drop-down arrow very easy to use for navigating:


I think it would be really helpful to have arrows and a scrolling/sliding bar to navigate between different open maps and layouts more easily:




Just what I suggest some time ago to put an arrow at each end to easily navigate between tab.


And when you click on the arrow to view the list of maps and layouts, let us drag and move any of them up and down for easier order. When creating a Tab, it always appears at the far end. And when you have more than 20 Tabs, it's very time-consuming to drag the Tab to the left if you need it to be at the beginning.