Arcade Polyline paths documentation: Explain pre-densification

02-28-2022 07:07 PM
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Regarding the Arcade Polyline paths documentation:

It would help if more details could be provided about the paths property. I believe paths get automatically densified, which is an important detail.

Could info be added to the docs about the pre-densification? For example, a similar mechanism (the ArcPy WKT property) says the following:
"Any true curves in the geometry will be densified into approximate curves in the WKT string."

It would also help to know what densification method is used. Example: the angle method; 10 degrees.



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We're aware of the following blurb in the docs — Arcade Geometry Functions:

Also note that geometries fetched from feature services, especially polylines and polygons, are generalized according to the view's scale resolution. Be aware that using a feature's geometry (i.e. $feature) as input to any geometry function will yield results only as precise as the view scale. Therefore, results returned from geometry operations in the visualization and labeling profiles may be different at each scale level. Use these functions at your discretion within these contexts.

But that doesn't tell us anything about us the fact that true curves get densified, regardless of scale.

And in my case, I'm not using feature services, I'm using FCs directly from a FGDB or EGDB. So that blurb doesn't apply, yet I'm still seeing the pre-densification behavior.