Arcade function to return X,Y in coordinate system other than that of the source data

05-21-2021 05:39 AM
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For background, we have a polygon dataset that changes frequently. In the polygon data we need to maintain XY values for the centroid of each polygon to pass to related inspection records (point). The related inspections get their geometry from the centroid of the polygon data (passed to the Survey123 in the submission URL).

We would like to use Arcade plus an attribute rule to automatically update the centroid XY each time the polygon's shape is modified. The problem is that our data is stored in Albers(meter), but we need the XY to be stored in Decimal Degrees. As far as we know, there isn't a way to specify which coordinate system the XY results are returned/displayed/stored in Arcade.

Right now, we have our staff manually run the calculate geometry attributes geoprocessing tool each time a shape is modified. If we could set this up in an attribute rule, it would save a lot of manual maintenance on the dataset.

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Hi @MatthewAlbritton ,

It will be super handy to have spatial related values calculated dynamically!

Something like OGC Methods on Geometry Instances - SQL Server | Microsoft Docs

Allowing users to utilize arcade to extract centroid, X, Y, length, area, EPSG Id, and bbox etc.