Arcade Endpoint() function

03-19-2022 10:43 PM
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Could Esri consider adding a Arcade function for getting the endpoint of a polyline? (including multipart lines)

Similar to ST_Geometry’s St_Endpoint() function.


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In case you don't know: You can use negative numbers to index arrays from the end. While array[0] returns the first element, array[-1] returns the last element, array[-2] returns the second to last element and so on.

So you can get the last point of a polyline by jumping to the last point of the last line segment:




Whilst @JohannesLindner has offered up a perfectly acceptable solution, it's a bit of a geeky way of doing things (please don't take offence!). ArcObjects would offer up a ToPoint on IPolyline, so getting hold of a start/end point of a line becomes a simple property of the geometry. Navigating arrays by index position just feel like too much work and open to error.

@Bud has recently been suggesting all sorts of ideas that would make geometry manipulation in Arcade a cleaner approach rather than cycling through dictionaries and lists, which seem to me as a desktop nerd a very web-based approach.


Hi everybody,

I am currently also working on a problem related to this topic and wanted to jump in here as well. Basically I am trying to iterate over a featureset of polylines and check if the currently made feature intersects with any of the endpoints of the feature lines in the feature set. For this to work I created this code:

for(var line in lines){

var endPoint = Geometry(line).paths[-1][-1]

return count(intersects(endPoint, Geometry($feature))) > 0


This should return "False" if the created feature is not intersecting on of the line endpoints im trying to iterate over. However all I get is a "unexpected null" error at "var endPoint". Any Ideas how i could solve the problem and get the end points of all the line features im iterating over?






This is an IDEAS post not a place to ask questions, you need to be asking this under the appropriate question group, I'm guessing ArcGIS Online? Please migrate your question to there and delete your "idea" here.