Apply same decision to several selected topology rules

03-30-2021 02:57 PM
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I think it will nice to apply exceptions and solutions to several topology rules at the same time when running the Edit Inspector. The idea is that from the Edit Inspector Window, you should be able to select several rules, right click on the rules table and  click "Marks as Exception" or other suggested fix and apply the  to all the selected rules. 


This will avoid to select each rule individually in the case the user wants to apply the same decision. 


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Have you tried clicking the Fix tab as explained in ?

This will allow you to mark multiple errors as exceptions at the same time.


Does that work for you?


Hello, Kory: Yes, it does.   Thanks. Sorry about that. I can delete the post. Best.


Thanks for the confirmation, @lbraceromarre   Please don't delete the post as it may be helpful to other users!  We'll just mark it Already Offered.


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Great, thank you Kory. Sounds good. Cheers.

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@KoryKramer Our team is experiencing this same issue. However, even when we select multiple records and try to mark them all as exceptions using the Fix window, it will still only add the exception to a single record.


I have not been successful in marking multiple errors as an exception in bulk. I have tried using the Fix table, selecting all errors I want to update, click on "Mark as exception", and it only marks the last error in the selection. If I click again, it does the one above etc. I have also tried by right clicking next to one of the errors in the selection, and it only updates that error. I have multiple stacks of 200 stacked parcels which create Must not Overlap exceptions when I run topology, and I have to click on "Mark as an Exception" for each error generated. This is a huge waste of time. In ArcMap this was possible. 


@ChristinaToth and @LeilaJackson1 

That is not expected behavior. Have you contacted Esri Technical Support? At this time, we can't repro in-house. Perhaps there is something data specific with the issue?

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@ChristinaToth and @LeilaJackson1 

I noticed that the best way is to either select the errors in the map, or zoom to that extent and then 'switch the selection' in the error inspector (if filtering by extent). Then, without actually clicking any rows in the error inspector table, use the fix method to mark all as exceptions. It's tricky, but if you select multiple in the table but still have one row clicked on, it will do exactly what you say and only apply the exception to one error. I hope this makes sense, but the functionality does exist.