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01-18-2021 03:40 PM
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There are another couple of ideas that are similar to this (ArcGIS Pro: Add an Apply Button to Raster Symbology PanelAuto-Apply for Symbology Changes) but not the same I think.

It takes a lot of time when the map redraws after every change to the symbology - even when all I am changing is the label for the Table of Contents and nothing is changing in the map at all.

It would be great if there was an Apply button (and an Auto Appy check box) on this view of the Symbology panel so you could make all your changes (labels, values and colours) before redrawing the map.

(see picture in comment below)




Screenshot 2021-01-19 122853.png

Trying to get an image of the symbology panel....  can't seem to get it to work... maybe this time...



Please let us know if you still see this in any version of Pro 2.9 (after Alpha 3).

We installed a fix to NOT update the map, when only labels are being updated. 


Awesome - thanks so much.  It might be a while till I can upgrade as we don't generally move to whole number releases.  But I'll check when I can.


Sometimes ArcGIS pro becomes extremely slow when you make changes in the main dialogue of the symbology (currently I have googled, emptied the temp folder, got a coffee and started to write this in ArcGIS PRO is still stuck because of updating symbology. It is a big dataset I know, I have set all maps on pause, and it still slows extremely down) I would like to do at least all steps in the main window (in the current case, change the order of the classes), preferably also all changes in the sub dialogues (eg. changing the color of a single class) before applying all changes collectedly at one time.