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01-18-2021 03:40 PM
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There are another couple of ideas that are similar to this (ArcGIS Pro: Add an Apply Button to Raster Symbology PanelAuto-Apply for Symbology Changes) but not the same I think.

It takes a lot of time when the map redraws after every change to the symbology - even when all I am changing is the label for the Table of Contents and nothing is changing in the map at all.

It would be great if there was an Apply button (and an Auto Appy check box) on this view of the Symbology panel so you could make all your changes (labels, values and colours) before redrawing the map.

(see picture in comment below)



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Screenshot 2021-01-19 122853.png

Trying to get an image of the symbology panel....  can't seem to get it to work... maybe this time...