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append label to annotation

07-19-2023 10:55 AM
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Hi, As always, ESRI what us to move to Pro but still not give basic functions available in arcmap for decade.

On of the main function, I use in arcmap, is replacing annotations by new one in my annotations after deleting the one needing replacement.  So, when converting the labels to annotations, I use "Append" instead of creating a new database entry.

It does appear the ArcMap vs. ArcGIS Pro "convert labels to annotation" workflow is missing the Append parameter in the ArcGIS Pro side.

So my idea is simple, make APPEND available like always.

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If you are using feature-linked annotation you can use the Annotate Selected Features geoprocessing tool to create new annotation features in an existing annotation feature class. 

You can use the Append Annotation Feature Classes or Append geoprocessing tools to append existing annotation feature classes into an existing annotation feature class. 



Just want the basic convert label to annotation with the append like in arcmap. 

Done many times, this week in arcmap.  Why make it more complicated than it was.  Very frustrating.

When following changes, I only have to delete annotation I doesn't want an simply select de labels I want to change in my layout view.  Then, convert, selected one, choose my annotations database an it's done.  It's so frustrating to see something working for years removed in Pro.

Since Pro is so much slower than arcmaps, expressively for geoprocessing, time is money so the append need to be restored.


Very frustrating indeed. In Pro I created Anno2 annotation FC in GDB2 and they were not linked because the GDB1 database with the features, if I create linked annotations in it, it will not be possible to edit it or any other FC in it using ArcMap. Now I have added more features, and I want to annotate them in the same Anno2 FC. In ArcGIS Pro, according to ESRI, unless I am wrong, the solution is to label and convert to a new annotation feature class, Anno3, then use append tool to append the Anno3 to Anno2, In ArcMap, it was straight forward. Convert labels to annotations for the selected features, with an option to append to an existing annotation feature class, Anno2. 

The same function to append annotations while converting labels to annotations will be very helpful in ArcGIS pro.



Effectively, ESRI want us to be less productive in Pro than in arcmap. Not only geo processing take more time but basic feature are remove to let us more and more frustrated.

Why broke something working fine when you can make it a pain in the ...