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Append Excel To Table geoprocessing tool

04-23-2023 03:49 PM
Status: Already Offered
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It would be helpful if there were a tool for inserting Excel data into an existing table, instead of creating a new table.

Scenario: I have a spreadsheet that comes from the same source as when I first created an existing table. After making some manual changes to the spreadsheet, I want to load it into the existing table.

I’m imagine I could create a model or Python script that would:

  1. Create a new/temporary table from Excel.
  2. Append the rows from the temporary table into the existing table.
  3. Delete the temporary table.

But I think it would be simpler to have an OOTB tool for this.


The Append geoprocessing tool allows users to append an Excel sheet into an existing geodatabase table.


@JesseWickizer Thanks. I wonder why the Append tool docs don't mention that Excel files are valid inputs? Is it assumed that Excel files are valid inputs for ALL applicable geoprocessing tools?

Status changed to: Needs Clarification

@JesseWickizer is correct. 

You can use and work with Microsoft Excel files in ArcGIS Pro like other tabular data sources. The only requirement to access and work with Excel files in ArcGIS Pro is that the appropriate drivers must be downloaded and installed correctly on the computer on which ArcGIS Pro is installed. 

Individual geoprocessing tools that support tables as input do not list the full range of supported formats, it would be very redundant. @Bud you are right that Excel sheets (the tables inside the xlsx/xls) are valid inputs for all applicable geoprocessing tools.

Note that Excel tables are read-only in ArcGIS Pro, so these tables can be the Append tool's Input Dataset but not the Target Dataset.  

For more on Excel in ArcGIS Pro:

Status changed to: Already Offered