Annotation Layers in Table of Contents

04-01-2010 09:14 AM
Status: Open
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The management of annotation has always been a bit frustrating as in order to manage it, you have to go into the data frame properties dialog. I would really like to see the annotation moved into it's own layer in the table of contents, whether that could be a seperate tab in the TOC or if there could be an option to auto create a new feature layer for the annotation without having to associate the annotation with an existing feature layer.

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 This would be very helpful especially if one could save the annotations in a projected file so they can be used on other maps or sent to clients.
If by annotation you mean "Annotation Groups", which also applies to all graphic elements created from the Draw toolbar, I am in emphatic agreement.

That would be very nice. 
What about including regular graphics in that tab as well; polygons points and lines.  With the ability to create groups of graphics that you could turn into feature classes if you wished, but otherwise were managed shapes in the map.
I'll ad my supporrt for this idea! And I think theGritch is also on to something with the idea of adding graphics to the tab. (Or, perhaps thier own tab?)

Great idea! I hadn't thought of it but it would be nice to have an Annotation Groups tab in the TOC. Since annotation layers are sort of out there, neither fish nor fowl, they can be awkward to use in many maps. (And even weirder to edit!) So I find myself using "label to annotation" in the document much more frequently. Having it a closer click or two away would speed up the customizing that you need it for in the first place.