Annotation feature classes, be able to edit the 'Override' field

01-18-2022 10:45 AM
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Being able to change the "Override" field in annotation, currently uneditable.

I converted some labels that have a background, like a flag, to annotation and have arranged them just how I like.  I often will use the 'Substitute symbols in a collection' in order to make the label background to a different color to display the differences between features.  I noticed that some features have a different value for the 'Override' field and have determined that those with a higher value include the function to inhibit the background substitution, preventing me from changing the label backgrounds.  Not sure how that happened in the first place, but now I need to change that.   According to the documentation, this cannot be changed.  I have several hundred labels so I don't really want to recreate.  Additionally, I don't know why this affected some labels and not others.


Hi @KariBuckvold 

Overrides are common when converting labels to annotation.  The label parameters used will potentially result in different overrides.
Which values are giving you issues?  Could you attach a cut down version of the annotation feature class (10 or so features) that I could test with?





@WendyHarrison the value giving me trouble is 32800.  Can I message you with the sample?  I'd rather not post here.!


@KariBuckvold a support incident would be the easiest way to get it looked at.  i'm not sure if the messaging system will accept attachements.

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The Override field in an annotation feature class is not editable by design.