Analyze Pane for ArcGIS Pro

11-19-2020 07:04 PM
Status: Open
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Can we get an Analyze pane added to ArcGIS Pro so we can visualize and understand layer performance?  

It would be nice if each layer had indicators for: Query, Transport, Loading, and Rendering...etc.

Example mockup:





Hi @TimJohnston3 

Is there a specific performance issue that you are trying to troubleshoot?  If so, it would be best to work with technical support.

If not, and you're just generally requesting performance analysis capabilities in Pro, I wanted to make sure that you were aware of the diagnostic tools that currently exist like the PerfTools add-in, ArcMon and Shift-E described in this blog, and the diagnostic log, which can be turned on either from the command line as described in the linked documentation, or switched on from ArcMon.


If you have been using these and they do not meet your needs, could you add some specifics about things they don't cover?

Thank you!




I think it's a must have featured since the speed issue of ArcGIS Pro.  Why not make is simple for us.  We are cartographers not programmers.  The analyze pane like show above is a basic tool we need.

Hope to have it directly included in the next update.  Personally I will install it and see if it could help to pinpoint why each action is time consuming.  When active time is less than 20% in a daywork, it's frustrating.