Alphabeticalize Information in Drop Down Boxes

04-26-2011 12:34 PM
Status: Open
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I would like to suggest that information for selection in drop down boxes, such as when selecting which layer or shp file you would like to edit, appears in alphabetical order. 

Currently, I have maps with over 30 layers and shp files to choose from, and the list appears in a random order every time I open it to choose which layer I would like to edit and I have to scroll through the list to find it.  If the list automatically appeared in alphabetical order, it would save me time and frustration.

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Thank you for posting your idea. A couple things I think are worth mentioning in regards to this at ArcGIS 10. First in the table of contents you now have the ability to sort the layers by layer name (alphabetically) or by the order they are drawn in, so you will have some control over this in the TOC. Second when you start editing, the list of layers is now presented in alphabetical order. Finally, to make it even easier now at ArcGIS 10 you can just right-click the layer you want to edit and go to Edit Features > Start Editing. This will automatically make that layer editable and every other layer in the same workspace as that layer editable. This will save you time of having to select the right layer by going to Editor > Start Editing.