Allow users to easily update all parameters for tools embedded in ArcGIS Pro Tasks

08-30-2023 08:30 AM
Status: Open
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Tasks provide an excellent way to create a simple interface with which users can accomplish complex workflows. Tasks allow users to specify actions or geoprocessing tools to occur in sequence, with set parameters. For many geoprocessing tools in tasks, parameters can include the filepaths of data sources that will be used by the tool.


However, when a user needs to update a large number of parameters within a complex task - for example, pointing a number of tools to a geodatabase with a different filepath – it is a slow process, and when working with a large task it can be easy to miss the fact that a particular tool might be pointed at an incorrect data source, especially when the task step that contains the tool is configured to run automatically.


It would be useful to be able to see an overview of all parameters configured for tools within a specific task, so that a user can understand and easily modify them.


Ideally, this functionality would be similar to the Update Data Sources table functionality available when right-clicking a map within the Pro catalog pane, as described here. A tabular view of the task which includes every set parameter for each tool would allow users to easily update any and all parameters as needed.