Allow the Label Weight Ranking dialog box to set weights for multiple layers at once.

01-22-2018 03:17 PM
Status: Open
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User Story:

To keep annotation classes aligned while using the Annotate Selected Feature tool, it is sometimes necessary to set the feature weight to None for all annotation layers in the map. This recommendation works as suggested, but the customer finds it to be tedious to set weights for every annotation class they have in their editing maps, since by default, annotation layers and annotation groups have a feature weight of High. This is documented here: Weighting labels and features -

It would be helpful if the Label Weight Ranking dialog box allowed the user to set label weights for multiple layers at once. Currently, the weights can only be applied to a single layer at a time.

Steps to Demonstrate:

  1. Open ArcMap
  2. Add a few feature classes to the data frame.
  3. Turn on the Labeling toolbar.
  4. Open the Label Weight Ranking dialog.
  5. You can only set the weight for an individual layer.
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Kory, this would be great for my current project (creating an Aquifer Vulnerability model for Nitrate using the EPA DRASTIC method), each layer needs to be weighted and I am using 7 to 9 layers in this model.  Thank you.