Allow Text Labels in ArcMap to adopt a Color Ramp without utilizing Label Classes

12-29-2017 06:57 AM
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***This idea is being logged on behalf of a customer***

A user would like the ability to symbolize his text labels with a graduated color ramp. Currently, the only way to do this is through the use of complex label classes and expressions. User frequently uses hydrographic software that has this functionality built in natively, but would like this functionality to be available within ArcMap as well, as ArcMap is his preferred software package.


The client likes to see point data plotted this way (no symbols, just depths plotted directly atop measurement points with a ramped color scale and legend) . The software used that addresses this issue is called HYPACK. Its plotting limitations are very problematic. Using ESRI parlance, there is no interaction between “data view” and “layout view”. While ESRI’s layout scales are infinitely scaleable and interactive, HYPACK’s are fixed. This results in miserable days and inefficient plot production.


Here is an example of what the customer would like to see in ArcMap:

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I believe that an easy way to achieve this in ArcMap would be to symbolize the point data using the desired graduated color ramp, and then build the label classes from symbology:

In ArcGIS Pro: 

Then if the point symbols are not desired, set them to no color.  

A quick mock-up:



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