Allow Snapping Environment Window to be a tab in the Table of Contents

06-25-2010 07:58 AM
Status: Open
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Please allow a user to choose to display the Snapping Environment window as a tab in the Table of Contents and to set the order in which it appears much like was done with the Selection tab a couple releases ago.

The Snapping Environment window quickly becomes large when more than a few layers are present in the map thus either taking up valuable screen space or requiring it to be turned on and off repeatedly.  Alternatively, if kept small and docked under the TOC then both windows have a smaller viewable area requiring a user to continually scroll up and down the lists as snapping needs or TOC properties (FC display and/or selection) change during editing sessions.  Allowing the Snapping Environment window to be a tab within the TOC would allow the TOC to remain full-sized and allow switching to/from the Snapping Environment window with a single click of the mouse.  This would really help improve my editing efficiency.  The dynamic snapping (right click, etc) just isn't versatile enough.  I know this request has been made multiple times over the last several releases so I'm hopeful it can soon be incorporated into a future release.

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This is a great idea!