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Allow Quadrant Bearing "Shorthand" as a Unit Type

05-23-2022 12:39 PM
Status: Open
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When I'm entering directions, such as in a Traverse or editing boundaries in a Parcel Fabric, I always enter the direction using the shorthand. For instance, instead of writing N89°23'00W", I write 89-23-4.

What I would really, really love is to offer this shorthand as a unit. When I'm editing a feature that already has a value, this is what I see:


Honestly, sometimes I make mistakes. I put in the wrong quadrant when I initially fill the field or what have you. It's a single-keystroke error. But once it's in the field, I have to change the characters at one or both ends of the string to actually adjust the value, so correcting that single-keystroke typo becomes a multi-keystroke process.

Clearly, Pro has no problem parsing the shorthand. My request: give me the option of using this shorthand as the displayed attribute value as well, make it one of the unit types available in my project settings.

Not only does this make editing existing values and fixing typos easier, but it's just more intuitive for me. Like I said, I am always working in the shorthand, and I've even re-written my label expressions to give my bearings in shorthand. Having my entire work environment consistent with this kind of data entry would be nice.

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