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Allow Link Charts to be Published to Portal/ArcGIS Online

10-25-2020 11:59 PM
Status: Open
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Link Charts are currently only exportable in GraphML, XML Papers or PNG file formats. These formats aren't the most accessible or interactive.

Otherwise they can only be viewed in ArcGIS Pro 2.6.

It would be useful to allow these to published to ArcGIS Online, Portal and/or Dashboards so users can share charts and don't need to have 2.6 to view them.


Has this been done yet? I am looking to add a link chart to ArcGIS online and I haven't found any information on how to do that yet. Thank you

Status changed to: Under Consideration
Status changed to: Open

@JonahLay any traction on this request?  Would be a great to be able publish graphs to portal. Currently, options are very limited for coordinating symbology of feature class with graphs on Portal.


@dmorales In ArcGIS Pro 3.3, link charts created from knowledge graph will be able to be shared as web link charts to ArcGIS Enterprise. At this time, I don't have any updates on sharing link charts created from the New Link Chart button on the Insert tab. However, we will continue to keep this idea open for feedback from the community.


@JonahLay  I would love to see the ability of link charts to be available on dashboards because the parcel fabric team is now using link charts to track parcel lineage. I get quite a few requests from taxpayers and local government officials on when a parcel was split or combined. If the link charts used for parcel lineage was available in dashboards, I could create one for public viewing so that anyone could see when their parcel was created. I also submitted another idea on the link charts for having a "timeline" on link charts. So if both of these capabilities were available, it would be hugely beneficial for the public and our own internal research purposes.