Allow License Administration

08-04-2010 08:56 AM
Status: Open
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Currently, if a license hangs, you must stop the License Manager service and start it which requires all your users save their work, close it, and wait for a restart before they can begin work again. This process is not very time consuming but you definitely notice the ire it causes employees when they don't like being told to stop what they are doing.

I've deployed the timeout which is designed to free a hung license but have been surprised by the lack of ability to administer licenses individually.

What I'm suggesting is the ability to see the active licenses being used and either via GUI or Command-Line go in and pick a license that is in use and release just that "seat."
Also, the new License Manager in ArcGIS 10 removed the ability to click a button and see which licenses were checked out to which users. I can still accomplish this by viewing the log file but was surprised at the complete removal of this feature.
Ideally it should in in the OOTB package but "Where have all the licenses gone" allows you to return a locked license without restarting the service. (works with all 9.x I beleive)
lmutil lmremove does not seem to work any more in version 10+ ...will this functionality be restored?
The ability to manager hung license, and boot users when necessary, should really be built-in to the core of the LM capabilities. It's especially when an organization only has one concurrent license for a extension....what if you have 3 peeople wanting to use an extension and you have one user hogging it all the time? In the current 10  GUI, you can't even see the actual user taking each license, let alone do anything about it. I really do not want to have to reboot the server every time there is a need to flush licenses.....if your 3rd party partner does not provide/takes away (lmremove) the functionality required to run a real license MANAGEMENT solution, then you should either find another parter or figure out a solution that gives users real control over their licenses.
Because of this problem we are not able to effectively use the floating licenses we own in version 10. Many of us are not in a position to have our users stop work every time a license is hung. Will ESRI provide us with additional licenses to cover those that we can't use lmremove on?
I've just run into the same problem with an ArcView session left running on the PC of a user who has gone out on vacation.  Stopping and restarting the license server didn't disconnect the session.  lmremove comes back with an error message.  What's left to try?????  Come on ESRI!
Such basic functions and we can't get it out of the box as some sort of server administration tool? Adminstrators should be allowed to monitor and free up licenses.BTW, command line administration is a bad answer in 2012. This seems like simple stuff.  Lets get it done, esri!
There was a power failure at the main building this morning, creating a bunch of hung licenses. We are using 10.1 with SP1, and timeout option didn't help at all. I had to notify users, and restart License Manager. I just don't understand why ESRI is taking such a long time to address this issue.

GUI will be nice - if not, at least give us lmremove functionality back.
Please bring back the command-line lmremove! 

What is the meaning of a License Manager Utility that doesn't provide functionality to manage licenses?

We have a need to be able to revoke licenses from idle/hung or otherwise errant sessions. Our internal charge rates are calculated according to license usage statistics. If we can't control them and rely on them, is this doesn't seem like a legitimate charge back scheme for us, nor for Esri.