Allow Layerfiles to be saved in Geodatabases and Feature datasets

06-28-2010 08:21 PM
Status: Open
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Having our layer files floating loose outside of the geodatabase is messy and awkward. They should be saved with the feature class or shapefile.
At the very least improve representations so they can be saved as the default symbology for a layer and can incorporate scale dependancies and layer groupings.

+10 for saving default symbology.

Not sure about saving layer files inside the gdb. I like being able to create hierarchies (nested folders) of layer files, as well shortcuts to same from the desktop. It saves having to scroll through dozens and dozens of feature classes looking for the one of interest at the moment.
Yeah, I've got a feature class in a geodatabase called rivers that represents rivers. Why can't I specify that this line feature class be drawn using a blue line. I can specify hundreds of other properties for the feature class, but not this default color. At the moment when I add that feature class to a new map I always have to manually change its color to be blue. 
Good idea.