Allow layer symbols to be offset by attributes for the whole layer in ArcGIS Pro

06-18-2019 11:12 AM
Status: Open
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Currently there are capabilities to offset symbols by attributes individually.  It would be nice to be able to do it for all symbols in a layer in the "Vary symbology by attribute"  pane like you can currently for size/transparency/color.  I am maintaining a sign map for all the signs on county roads in 2D.  Every time I add a symbol (new sign) I have to redo the offset connections for it.




You mentioned that it would be nice to do it for all symbols in a layer -- it would also be useful to do it for all layers within a symbol. Right now (Pro 3.0.1) even that is not possible -- within one symbol, it has to be set layer by layer. It's really time consuming and of course if something changes you have to go change it all over again in every single layer of every single symbol.




Pro *does* provide you with a list of all your symbol property connections once they are set up, but even then, it's still only showing individual layers of individual symbols with no way to modify multiple at once. Like you said, it would be nice to just change every layer of every symbol within a layer with one setting.


I'd like to see your idea taken even further and allow these changes to be applied on a group of layers. Groups currently only provides symbol layer drawing functionality.