Allow Junction to Junction Association Creation in Feature Editing Templates

03-15-2022 03:12 AM
Status: Open
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by Anonymous User
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Currently junction to junction associations cannot be created using a feature editing template.  We have a workflow in which new residential services need to be created.

 This is all part of a residential service creation process for a Water Utility.  A Tap |  3/4" residential service | service valve | Meter | Association | flow valve.

The meter to flow valve was historically managed with a line segment however that line segment didn't actually exist.  It was there to provide connectivity so we dropped it.

The only way to create this feature set is through a group template which doesn't provide the full functionality we need to control the length of the line length.  It also takes a lot longer to create the feature due to the rotation that needs to happen after the feature is dropped.  By allowing junction to junction connectivity in the feature editing template itself, it would save so much time as drawing residential service connections are a highly common occurrence.