Allow Hyperlinks in popups to open a browser window

10-18-2021 09:35 AM
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Allow Hyperlinks in layer pop-ups to open in a browser window instead of a browser popup. Silent logins through Azure are not passed through to a website when accessed in a browser popup. Authentication works as expected when passed to a browser window. Currently the only way to force hyperlinks in layer pop-ups to open in a browser window is to add and image or chart element to the custom popup. Solved: Re: Hyperlink in pop up behaviour - Esri Community. Once the image or chart element is added all hyperlinks from the pop-up are forced to the browser window providing a workaround but creating unnecessary overhead. 

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Hi @PatriciaJames 

What version of Pro are you using?  This sounds like the following enhancement request that is marked Implemented in ArcGIS Pro 2.8 [ENH-000138568: Provide the ability to open pop up link page with specific internet browser in ArcGIS Pro.]

Based on the other community thread you linked to saying that the pop-up worked as expected in 2.6, and stopped working in 2.7, and with the enhancement showing as implemented in 2.8, could this just be specific to 2.7.x?

Please let us know what version you're on.

Thank you.

We are using ArcGIS Pro 2.7.2, when the hyperlinks are opened in a browser window the silent Azure login is successful.
Some quick testing on a server with ArcGIS Pro 2.8.3 shows, adding hyperlinks to popups without the image to force them to open in the browser window, the hyperlinks are sent to a browser window instead of the popup browser window as you stated. Unfortunately, the hyperlink no longer authenticates the silent Azure sign-on. Please reference ESRI Case #02899311 for more details.


Thank you for the case reference @PatriciaJames It sounds like there is something more complex that needs to continue being investigated through that support case.  Since this idea requests for hyperlinks in popups to open in a browser, and they do in the current version of Pro, I don't think we have anything actionable until more is understood about the underlying silent sign-in error (my understanding is that that is an Azure error, not an error generated by ArcGIS Pro, correct?) and where the error is occurring.

We can leave this idea at Needs Clarification for now, but further action will likely need to result from the case that you have open with Technical Support.

Thank you.

Status changed to: Closed

Hi @PatriciaJames It sounds like you got this worked out with Technical Support.

@RandyCasey and @שלומיחזאם if you are experiencing issues with links from pop-ups not opening in a browser window, please contact technical support.

Thank you