Allow for the Display of long paths when opening recent map documents in ArcMap

08-26-2011 07:58 AM
Status: Open
Occasional Contributor
When one opens ArcMap, and parouses the File menu to open a recoently worked on .MXD, those with long names and/or long paths are typically truncated.  There is often no easy way to differentiate different map documents if they have similar or versioned names.  Would it be possible to either expand the menu to show the whole name, or better yet implement some sort of popup of the full file name when hovering over a recently opened .MXD in the File menu?
Agreed; this problem gets me quite often.  Maybe ESRI could add a scrolling bar --- but I prefer your idea of full file name display by hovering.
I agree, having the full file path and filename as a mouse over tool tip would be extremely useful! Especially when storing MXD's on a network drive in a folder structure.
I agree with the need for longer file names displayed for recently-opened mxds in the File menu. The issue is most users need to have longer filenames than the current 28-30 or so characters displayed. An example would be incrementing project names - obviously not all projects can be short-named Project1, Project2, etc.  Please either provide at least a mouse-over tool tip pop up or a scroll bar for the menu. Thanks, Grant

+1000 If the name has to be trunctated it would be nice if the hover tooltip showed full location name not "Open recent file".