Allow for more functionality within the Extent Indicator

08-20-2010 08:43 AM
Status: Open
New Contributor III

Currently the Extent Indicator tab in the Data Frame Properties box only allows for you to set an extent rectangle. I would like to see a few more option, such as, the ability to lock on extent rectangle with adjustable margins. This would allow you to have a dynamic vicinity map, so as you pan the primary window the extent of the inset map would change with it keeping it centered.  As it is now the extent of the inset map is whatever you set it at and is not dependant on the main Data Frame even though they are "linked."


At version 10 you can do this. On the vicinity map, If you go to the Data Frame tab and for Extent select Other Data Frame, you can specify the main data frame and give it a margin in either a percentage or map or page units. As you pan in the main data frame the extent of the inset map will change with it keeping it centered.

Is there an extent rectangle add-in available for arcExplorer?  I am interested in adding a locator to an explorer map that I'm working with.