Allow cross-feature dataset topology

08-11-2011 08:04 AM
Status: Open
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It would save us a lot of time and extra steps if we could create a topology that included data from multiple feature datasets. 

I work in local government.  Each department that uses GIS has their own feature dataset(s) (so they can manage permissions), but we have data that depends on other departmental data (for example, we manage zoning and zoning has boundaries that follow parcel boundaries which are managed by a different department).  So, we have to copy their data into our feature dataset (nightly) in order to have topology rules based on their data.  When we do this process- it creates a maintenance headache- but it also makes it so we cannot save our topology rule exceptions. 

Could you allow topology across feature datasets- but still allow users to control permissions to each feature dataset?

Thank you,
Great Idea Shawna. I work in local government as well and we have the exact same scenario.

I have been begging for the ability to build custom topology rules for nearly two years now with no result.
Thanks for posting, Lauren!  I knew we weren't the only ones with this situation!  :-)
Yes, this is a huge headache. We only resolve it by multiple geodatabases and replicas all over the place (nasty nasty state trees).
We have been waiting this for years too.