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Allow conda to create an environment without cloning.

06-18-2021 04:37 PM
Status: Closed
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The only option for creating a new conda environment in ArcGIS Pro is "Clone Default". There is no way to create an environment for a specific task without copying all the packages from an existing environment.


I don't mind cloning the arcgis default environment, but I wish it went faster!
I wonder if ESRI can find a way to speed up cloning the default.

Status changed to: Needs Clarification

Could you provide some context to what you'd like to see in terms of making a new environment? The Python environment creation is geared around making Pro-compatible environments as most users later expect to use them with Pro. Are you interested in making environments that aren't connected to Pro and contain an arbitrary set of packages? If so, you may also be interested in Anaconda Navigator.

Status changed to: Closed

Closed pending clarification.