Allow ArcMap/ArcCatalog to find available license when currently selected option is unavailable

02-16-2015 11:15 AM
Status: Open
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When your ArcGIS Desktop licenses at a given level are all checked out, you get a "All ArcGIS for Desktop XXX licenses are in use!" message.  You then have to go to ArcGIS Administrator, fidget with the interface to determine which other license levels are available, select one and then restart the desktop app.  
If you share various licenses at different levels you probably run into this issue at least occasionally if not often.  Why can't the desktop application check if there are other avialable licenses in the same license manager available and prompt me to select one and move on?  This would make the situation so much more fluid and much less curse word inducing.  

At the very least prompt me to "auto open" the administrator app so I don't have to dig thru the start menu for it. 

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This workflow is currently very klunky.  Open ArcMap or ArcCatalog and get the message.  Then go into administrator.  There I have to choose an option and then click again to see if a license of that type is available.  There has to be a better way!
by Anonymous User
Yes, it is weird to first have to choose which license you want in one folder, and then click another folder to its availability, and then click back and choose a different license.  It would be nice if the license selection page also showed availability for all license levels (not just the one you picked).