All other values shouldn't be visible by default (unique values)

11-28-2018 12:35 AM
Status: Open
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When using unique values when symbolizing layers all other values should be turned of by default. If I for some reason want all other values to be visible I should manually turn them on.


Every time you change the symbology of a feature class to "Unique Values", it automatically adds a symbol class for <all other values>. I think this is unnecessary and a waste of time to constantly remove it. If you have good data and are symbolizing using a field with no null values, it just adds an extra step to remove it everytime. Even if you didn't still seems like the default should be to add <all other values>, not remove them. A simple solution would just be to add this to the ArcPro options. 


This is a great idea! When you click add all values, other values should be turned off because -- there aren't any. If this a user issue that people add values and don't know they are there, perhaps the add all values button should be exposed on the unique values pane as a checkbox, instead of hidden two clicks in, and checked off when you hit the unique values button.