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AGX Timeline Animation Toolbar

04-09-2010 05:50 AM
Status: Closed
New Contributor III

Provide a timeline animation toolbar to support temporal information in all data similar to the animation toolbar provided by Adobe Flash. Provide capability of zooming in and out of the timeline, down to seconds and out to millenia.

Automatically provide time attributes in all geodatabase feature classes. Zooming in to click on a start point and end point would insert the temporal information in the attribute field.

Place this toolbar across the top of ArcGIS Explorer and ArcMap with a temporal starting point at the big bang. Incorporate various cultural calendars along the timeline. Allow users to create timelines for example to illustrate a dynasty of kings or evolutionary patterns of a species.

Provide intertemporation visualization, which is what I call the temporal aspect of interpolation, similar to the animation function of the Adobe Flash time toolbar.

This would allow for time-animating satellite images, changes in thematic and demographic data, modeling continental plate movements and biological evolution, illustrating historical processes and events such as battles and wars, anlayzing urban transformations, and many other topics and events that occur over time.


Hi Simon Seamount. ArcGIS Explorer Desktop is no longer in active development. However, visualization of temporal data is a focal point of ArcGIS development across the platform. For information regarding animation and time functionality in ArcGIS Pro, see the following:

- “Temporal Data”: (This is the first page in a whole section entitled “Time” which you might want to check out)

There are also some applications in ArcGIS Online that work with temporal data that might interest you:

- “Time Slider Widget”: (This is part of the Web App Builder)

- “How to Make a Time Aware Story Map”:

Thank you for your idea!

Status changed to: Closed