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Afficher les événements d'itinéraires dans ArcGISPro - Display Route Events command

02-27-2019 12:53 AM
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J'utilise énormément la commande "Afficher un événement d'itinéraire" dans ArcMap. Elle s'effectue par un clic droit sur la table directement dans la table des matières et génère un champ OID automatiquement.

Je souhaiterai que le même outil soit disponible dans ArcGIS Pro (qui pour l'instant propose un équivalent en passant par 2 outils de la ToolBox au minimum, donc beaucoup moins pratique).


I often use "Display route event" command in ArcMap (by right clicking on the table directly in the table of contents and generates an OID field automatically).
I would like the same tool to be available in ArcGIS Pro (which for the moment offers an equivalent through 2 tools of the ToolBox at least, so much less convenient).



In ArcMap you go here:

In Pro, you'd be looking for it here:

Note that the Add Data split button allows you to add a route event layer from a table: 

In a sense, is this just a change in workflow, where you could use the Route Events add data first, instead of adding the table to the map first?  Or do you need to add the raw table to the map first (and why, what is that used for?) and then create the route events?

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@DISIG, Its been a while, but I wanted to check in and see if the suggestions made by @KoryKramer  we able to help address your needs. Let us know how it went!

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