Advanced Print/Export in ArcMap

10-06-2011 05:06 AM
Status: Open
Regular Contributor
Important improvements are needed in the field of Print and Export Management to enhance currently limited output settings (this idea takes inspiration from Adobe Acrobat).
Map Range – besides the whole Layout allow to print/export only:
  • Current View or user specified window
  • Selection – print/export only selected objects in layout
  • Element Type – print/export chosen map element type (Data Frame, Legend, Text, etc.)
  • Element Name – choose to print/export specific objects by name
  • Printable/All Layers – output printable layers only or all (Layer printability idea)

Map Scaling
to output paper size:
  • Print as is (1:1) – missing this basic and fundamental option which can’t be replaced by setting the first tile (inefficient workflow)
  • Exact Zoom – user defined zoom % of map size 
  • Fit to Paper Size – enlarge or reduce map to fit printable area (currently only shrink possible)
  • Multiple Maps Per Sheet (applicable to DDP or more layouts) – print multiple maps on the same sheet. Provide additional settings: Maps Per Sheet, Page Order, Print Page Border, and Auto-Rotate Maps.
  • Tile Map to Printer Paper with settings: Tile Scale, Overlap, Cut Marks, and Labels

Map Positioning:
  • Auto Rotate and Center – best map vs. printer paper orientation match 
  • Printer’s marks

Print contents of UI windows and settings
with advanced layout and formatting possibilities:
  • Attribute Table
  • Table Of Contents
  • Layer and Data Frame Properties
  • Create Features window
  • Attributes window
  • Catalog window
  • etc.