Advanced Print/Export in ArcMap

10-06-2011 05:06 AM
Status: Open
Occasional Contributor III
Important improvements are needed in the field of Print and Export Management to enhance currently limited output settings (this idea takes inspiration from Adobe Acrobat).
Map Range – besides the whole Layout allow to print/export only:
  • Current View or user specified window
  • Selection – print/export only selected objects in layout
  • Element Type – print/export chosen map element type (Data Frame, Legend, Text, etc.)
  • Element Name – choose to print/export specific objects by name
  • Printable/All Layers – output printable layers only or all (Layer printability idea)

Map Scaling
to output paper size:
  • Print as is (1:1) – missing this basic and fundamental option which can’t be replaced by setting the first tile (inefficient workflow)
  • Exact Zoom – user defined zoom % of map size 
  • Fit to Paper Size – enlarge or reduce map to fit printable area (currently only shrink possible)
  • Multiple Maps Per Sheet (applicable to DDP or more layouts) – print multiple maps on the same sheet. Provide additional settings: Maps Per Sheet, Page Order, Print Page Border, and Auto-Rotate Maps.
  • Tile Map to Printer Paper with settings: Tile Scale, Overlap, Cut Marks, and Labels

Map Positioning:
  • Auto Rotate and Center – best map vs. printer paper orientation match 
  • Printer’s marks

Print contents of UI windows and settings
with advanced layout and formatting possibilities:
  • Attribute Table
  • Table Of Contents
  • Layer and Data Frame Properties
  • Create Features window
  • Attributes window
  • Catalog window
  • etc.